Thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU is a category of plastic with outstanding versatility that designed to meet manufacturing challenges of the modern world because it improves the production and performance of any type of product from shoes to filters and cables.

Practically, high temperature polymers are useful for a large number of global industries, from automotive and aviation, construction and agriculture to healthcare. After many years of development, companies managed to create various TPUs with the goal to fulfill application requirements including adhesive, injection molding and compounding. When being exposed to heat, this polymer becomes soft. When cooled, returns to a hard structure. However, the great advantage is that thermoplastic polyurethane stands more than one processing without affecting its integrity. Other characteristics of this type of plastic include high elasticity and elongation, resistance to abrasion and chemicals, tensile strength. For these reasons, TPU is very popular among different markets and applications.

Types of thermoplastic polyurethane

High temperature polyurethane can be divided into three classes, namely polycaprolactone, polyether and polyester. Polycaprolactone TPUs are perfect for pneumatic and hydraulic seals because they present resistance to hydrolysis Polyether TPUs present excellent resistance to hydrolysis, good abrasion and durability against microbial degradation, which makes them ideal for watery environments. The last category of TPU and probably the most familiar is polyester, which offers resistance against abrasion and protection against chemicals and oils, thanks to its intensified properties. It is mostly used in polymer blends or mixtures.

Common traits of TPUs

Regardless of the company that produces them, TPUs must have some common traits in order to differentiate them from other materials. These characteristics refer to the performance of thermoplastic polyurethane and include flexibility, excellent impact strength, resilience to various solvents and grease, high elasticity and abrasion resistance, recyclability. Moreover, they must be pleasant to the touch and easy to color. Manufacturers have the ability to change their physical attributes in order to meet specific requirements in terms of application. Practically, they need to adjust the ration of materials used to produce thermoplastic polyurethane, use additives like mold release agents and change the reaction conditions.

Measurements used for TPUs

Companies use several assessments to measure the longevity and performance of TPUs. The standard measurements include abrasion, shore hardness, tensile and tear strength and shrinkage. Shore hardness has the goal to measure the resistance to penetration or indentation by applying a defined force on the thermoplastic polyurethane. This allows a clear categorization: rigid or flexible. The tensile strength has the purpose to determine the level of endurance before deformation occurs and the tear strength show the ability of resisting distortion or break. Manufacturers encounter difficulties when establishing the shrinkage degree accurately because various parameters influence this action.

Chemical properties are of great importance because they control the thermoplastic polyurethane behavior in different environments. Thus, manufacturers must think about high temperatures and outdoor elements that might negatively affect the TPU and carefully analyze its concentration and formulation. Shortly, the finished product must present high chemical resistance when encountering specific substances, including saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons, especially in medical and industrial environments. Companies have high standards in relation to thermoplastic polyurethane.

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Have you ever considered visiting Scotland? Well, then you may already know that there are two places people prefer to see, Edinburgh and Glasgow. You may think that they are similar, and it does not matter which one you choose, because you will have the Scottish experience either way, but the fact is that they are very different. Edinburgh is famous because it is the capital, but Glasgow is the one that will totally charm you, because here you can visit many museums and you can admire breath-taking street art. Scotland offers a wide range of entertainment activities including gambling games. Nowadays it’s quite easy to amuse yourself by reaching out to web, going to source where you will find impartial reviews like they do on the ValleyGames and choose a popular online casino to kill some time. Everything happens in a place where you are comfortable, so there are plenty of reasons to prefer it. In this article you will find more about the main attraction from Glasgow, and you can decide for yourself if you want to book a flight to this destination.

The history of Glenlee

For the ones who do not know, Glenlee is the ship that was refurbished and it stands as the main piece of the Tall Ship museum in Glasgow, and it is important to know its history in order to understand the importance of the museum. This ship was made from steel in 1896, and its purpose was to facilitate the transport of various cargos for the businesspersons of the time. Since 1922 its purpose changed, the Spanish navy used it in educational purposes.

Below Decks on the Tall Ship ‘Glenlee’ – Pointhouse Quay – 28 April 2013

Nowadays it can be visited under the form of a museum on the Pointhouse Quay. Anderson Rodger built the barque with the full length of 86 meters. Initially it did not feature royal sails because Archibald Sterling & Co. Ltd saw this as an effective strategy to save money. From the day it was launched it was used as a cargo ship for 23 years. The Spanish Republican Navy took the ship in 1931 and they used it as a stationary training boat.

What should people know about the Tall Ship?

Nowadays the boat called Glenlee is owned by Clyde Maritime Trust, and it is considered the main piece of the exhibition from the Tall Ship. If there is an attraction you should put on your list when in Glasgow then this is the one, because since its opening, millions of people took pictures of it. The boat is so important because during its existence it managed to surround the globe four times. Nowadays in the world, there are only 5 boats similar to it, but in the UK it is unique. The purpose of the museum is to preserve the design of Glenglee and to offer people the possibility to understand thoroughly the maritime history of Glasgow. During the year here are organised multiple activities, the majority of them being guided tours. In addition, students can visit it, and they find it extremely important because they can explore every corner of the boat. The ship was modernised in such a way, that it features a mini cinema. Also, the ones who want to bring a souvenir to their families from home, can find a store open on deck. There is an area especially designed for children to play, so it is the perfect place to be visited by families.

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Bars are peaceful places in general, where people like to hang out alone or with friends and have a good time. In fact, they are civilized places where you will visit most of your life without getting into any bar fights. But during some unfortunate incidents, you may get involved in ugly scruples, fistfights, or may become the target of a broken bottle.

Such fights are ugly and may often result in serious injuries. If you think that you are blameless and the attacker was solely to blame for the attack, you can file for compensation.

Hiring a solicitor for such cases is always a good idea, as there are many points you might miss if you are building a case by yourself. You can take a look on a list of lawyers at the Solicitors Guru website where you will find solicitors in any UK region. If you interested in the feature when claimant don’t pay fees in case he do not successfully claim compensation – consider the no win no fee deal terms.

Points to note before you apply for compensation

Before you file for compensation, you need to get proof that the attacker initiated an unprovoked attack without any intention of defense. The defense can be seen as any of the following:

  • If the attacker attacked with the intention of self-defense
  • If the attacker attacked to save a third party from under attack
  • If the attacker attacked to prevent causing any damage to property
  • If attacker attacked to save himself from someone who was already in drunken state, or due to deliberate provocation or any sort of inappropriate confrontation

In other words, if the attacker attacked you without any legal cause, and you were injured or harmed in any way as a result, you can apply for compensation.

Filing for compensation

First of all, you need proof that your attacker was liable. Filing a police report is useful in such cases, as you can reference to this case while applying for your compensation. Take photographs and videos of the scene if possible, keep records of medical bills and other expenses that are a result of the attack and record the statements of an independent witness who will be willing to speak the truth without taking any sides.

You may apply for compensation for the amount of money needed to treat your injuries, the level of seriousness of these injuries, the effect the injury and the fight had on your personal and professional life.

You might also claim compensation from the bar itself, if you can provide evidence that the bar is guilty of a breach of duty like not having enough security, or serving drinks to a person who was clearly intoxicated.

Even if you weren’t the prime target, but were injured in a bar fight, you can demand pecuniary compensation if you can proof that the injury would not have been caused in such fight.

You should always seek advice from an experienced solicitor as he will tell you your chances of winning compensation. You will also know the potential fields of compensation you are entitled to get so that you do not get any less compensation than you deserve.

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How pressure control valve works

Published on April 28, 2017

The hydraulic system is incomplete without pressure control valve. This makes them an essential part of every hydraulic device. There are a number of functions which are performed by this device. The upper pressure is not only maintained but these devices also ensure that a particular pressure is maintained in a certain part of device or circuit to which it is associated. The two main types are open and closed valves. Both are used in various industrial applications. An example of the closed valve is unloading and that of the open valve is a relief. The concept of this appliance is not simple and thermodynamics are applied while these are manufactured. Basic of the device are as follows:

Cracking pressure

There are several other terms which are related to cracking pressure or without which the term cannot be explained. Some important definitions are as follows:

  • The type of pressure at which for the first time pressure control valve allows the fluid passage is known as cracking pressure.
  • The point at which the valve bypasses the full flow is known as full flow pressure.
  • The difference between cracking pressure and full flow is known as pressure override

The device is both auto and operator driven. Pressure override isn’t a problem in some issues but most of the time it is. Pressure override can lead to power wastage and this is its greatest disadvantage.

How pressure control valve works

The working of pressure control valve is just like an electrical circuit. The main concept is to save the circuit. Till the amperage of the circuit is below fuse value everything is fine. When the amperage tries to exceed or actually exceed the fuse value it blows. Though it destroys itself but saves the circuit at the same time. The pressure control valve on the other hand ensures that the best alternative path is given to the fluid if hydraulic system pressure reaches the maximum point. For every hydraulic system pressure control valve is a very important as it makes sure that the system is never damaged. Due to the flow of fluid when the pressure reaches the maximum level pressure control valve opens to bypass the fluid. The process continues till the pressure falls. Most of the pressure control valves are automatic in nature and therefore no human intervention is required. There are many types of pressure control valves in the market and depending upon the configurations work for different hydraulic systems.

Some benefits of control valves

To understand the operation of pressure control valves in full some advantages of the device are as follows:

  • The flow of fluid is human independent. No operator is required to control the process and hence it is one of the best ways to maintain system pressure.
  • Both time and effort of the users are The deployment of pressure control valve is very simple and easy to perform. There is no need of any plumber or technical assistance.
  • The pressure control valves are also power savers as they neither waste resource nor let the system do that. Efficient working is a big plus when it comes to these devices.
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USA VPN proxies

Published on April 17, 2017

Should you use proxy service or just a simple VPN is a question that might be a pondering one. Both services are designed to conceal the identity in such a manner that no one gets to the user. There are several VPN proxy services which change the user’s identity completely. These services are often free to use and therefore prioritized by the users. Especially the USA VPN proxies are very high in demand. People want to access those sites and online resources which are geo-restricted. The USA is a country with relatively free internet provided to every citizen. Identity spoof therefore ensures that user gets all the required info completely. Let’s figure out what is what with Anta Net guides on VPN service specifics that will also allow you to learn what is desired.

What is a proxy server?

When you connect to the internet your computer is the sole medium of communication. Once you are directly connected to the internet it is too easy for the authorities to track your location using your IP address. It is therefore no a secure way to directly connect. When a third system is placed between your communications with the internet which routes the traffic after encryption then it is known as a proxy. The proxy server can be located anywhere in the world. The request packets that are sent to the internet by your computer appear to be generated from proxy server IP. It is therefore again no possible for anyone to track the location of your whereabouts. VPN servers have to devote time and resources in order to encrypt the connections passing through them. This is not the case in proxy servers as it dedicates no resources at all. Millions of users can simultaneously connect to the proxy server and its efficiency remains the same.

Protocols of proxy servers

The two most common protocols that are used in relation to proxy servers are:

  • HTTP

Below is the explanation of both of them.

HTTP proxy

As the name suggests the proxy is designed to encrypt traffic at the very basic HTTP level. It is a known fact that most of the website names start with HTTP:// or HTTPS:// so such resources are not only encrypted but the identity of the visitor remain anonymous. On the other hand it is a free to use protocol and requires no additional fees as the setup is too simple to setup and there is no need of any additional resources. However it does not handle services which are other than HTTP, for instance POP3 email protocols.

SOCKS proxy

The biggest advantage of SOCKS is that it can handle large volumes. However the efficiency is slowed by such a large volume of internet traffic. It is one of the best ways to connect to the internet as it does not distinguish between the traffic natures which are to be encrypted. From HTTP to POP3 it can encrypt all kinds of internet traffic to conceal the user’s identity. Even large torrents having a size in GBs can also be concealed with SOCKS proxy server.

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The most common gantry cranes feature two supports. One of the pillars can be rigidly connected to the axle (rigid or spatial support), and the other one is hinged (flexible or flat feet). In gantry crane with a span (distance between the crane rails) of less than 25 m both bearings are hard. Track each of the pillars of heavy crane (lifting capacity of 1,000 tons or more) may consist of two or more rails (undercarriage in this case have the spatial equalizer suspension). In some cases the rails are placed at different levels of support at different heights. The semi-crane design implies the bridge resting on one side of runway, and the other one – on the support legs. Trucks are moving the bridge crane. The mechanism of the trolley as lifting mechanism can be mounted on a trolley (autonomous trolley) or on a metal bridge structure. Lifting mechanism is oftentimes mounted on the metal, and a truck equipped with a movement mechanism. Gantry crane has a metal structure: mechanisms of lifting cargo, the trolley and crane movement. Grab cranes are equipped with a special gripper and winch mechanism in the presence of lifting mechanism circuit grapple. If there is a need for orientation of cargo, the carriage is provided with a rotatable part as steel truck cranes.

Trolleys mechanism

The weight of cable trolleys considering the weight of cargo and towing winch accounts for 5-10% of weight of the nominal load. The cable trolleys are used only by cranes of group mode of 1K – 3K, since rolling cargo rope pulley block on blocks significantly increases the resistance of the trolley, which leads to accelerated wear of the rope. To prevent excessive sagging hoist rope it is necessary to increase the mass of the cargo suspension. Suspension trolley for these cranes is typically produced in two type: monorail and double rail.


At monorail cable trolley to reduce bending moment, bending monorail suspension frame blocks are made with spherical support elements. In addition to the limited life of the monorail, an unsustainable position of the truck cab and in the transverse direction. Lateral swinging carts and mobile booths, which can not be rectified using the thrust rollers adversely affect the working conditions of the crane. In the event of lateral loads on the trolley or in case of eccentricity in mechanisms to traverse when lifting cargo pressure rollers have an impact on the bottom chord of the bridge. In some cases, the design implies additional monorails, which increases metal consumption structure. This solution is widely applied in case of heavy loads and work on sophisticated sites, the design is practised by such industry innovators as Granada Material Handling, gantry hoist and overhead crane manufacturing experts supplying the demand across UK and EU markets.

Double rail

The most common type of cranes implies trolleys moving on rails laid on the lower belt. The frames of these trucks ensure uniform load distribution on rail guides. When using trucks with cargo winches at one end of the frame the hinge connection for crossbeam carrier racks with running wheels is hinged. The cable trolleys cross member is attached to the end of a beam on with the pulleys. In this case, the reduced height of the trolley, which allows the frame of beams running wheels mounted on the ends of the axis of the crossbar. To improve the layout of joints resistant to the bridge, in the small-sized motorized vehicles gears are used or gear movement is performed with central drive.

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In the modern field of metalworking, mechanical method of working with steel alloys is constantly evolving.

However, technological progress contributes to the emergence of new, high-tech materials that can hardly be subjected to mechanical stress. Therefore, many productions began to switch to a completely new, high-tech treatment. Ultrasonic machining is a decent example of a modern technology that can not only solve complicated manufacturing tasks, but also be cost-effective.

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The Importance of Word Of Mouth in B2B

Published on September 24, 2015

According to statistics, 66% of Americans are always talking mention brands when they praise, criticise or recommend any products or services. This is nothing but old, good word of mouth. Andy Sernovits, the author of Word Of Mouth Marketing says that today there is no question about whether you want to have something in common with word of mouth or not, as you are already a part of the game, even if you do not know about how it works. Your company is likely to be discussed on the internet, and the main problem is not the negative reviews, but the fact that you do not participate in this process, and therefore you simply cannot manage it.

The WOM way

Word-of-mouth marketing (sundresses marketing or marketing of mouth-to-mouth) – is an alternative marketing strategy that motivates consumers to dialogue about products and services. WOM-marketing takes place through a variety of online and offline tactics, often using agents of influence and communities.

The varieties include word of mouth marketing, viral marketing, marketing conversations, evangelism, hidden marketing, marketing and community marketing. Andy Sernovits offers an interesting concept as for determining WOM-marketing, he writes that there is b2b and b2c, and WOM – it b2c2c. According to him sundresses marketing is nothing but C2C: consumer-to-consumer (from the consumer to the consumer), because its essence lies in the talk of ordinary people, which occurs by itself.

We’re all plunge into such talks and discuss a variety of companies and their products – when looking for a new phone, a car, an apartment, a hairdresser choose or think what to call the restaurant for dinner.

And these discussions have a big impact on us. According to Nielsen survey, which was attended by 29,000 respondents from 58 countries, 84% of them voice their most trusted opinion about products and the companies that they have heard from their loved ones and friends. This figure is confirmed by the fact that all of us have a psychological feature – we give an increased trust to the opinions of close people .

Therefore, word of mouth is a natural process, and nobody can escape it. Although it is hard work, WOM can be manageable; in this case it aims to ensure that in the course of such discussions, people refer to your brand so the business has the maximum positive impact.

How to use word of mouth for the benefit of yourself?

Today, thanks to the Internet word of mouth has become global, the brands are discussed publicly and openly, and most importantly – honestly. Consumers simply describe the experience with a product or service, which can be negative or positive, and it is hardly predictable who will give the first review – an angry or grateful client.

That is why you need to be aware of everything that is said about you online. A constant monitoring of reviews, comments on social media, testimonials on specialised platforms is an integral part of efficient WOM marketing management. Usually, the conversations that are beneficial to the brand are started by experienced marketers or agents of influence working for companies on the forums and in social networks. It can either be an in-house staff or a contracting agency, like HTP Digital, an innovative UK-based b2b digital marketing company with an amazing track record. These guys pick ordinary consumers, and the discussion begins to take a large scale, involving more and more people.

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