According to statistics, 66% of Americans are always talking mention brands when they praise, criticise or recommend any products or services. This is nothing but old, good word of mouth. Andy Sernovits, the author of Word Of Mouth Marketing says that today there is no question about whether you want to have something in common with word of mouth or not, as you are already a part of the game, even if you do not know about how it works. Your company is likely to be discussed on the internet, and the main problem is not the negative reviews, but the fact that you do not participate in this process, and therefore you simply cannot manage it.

The WOM way

Word-of-mouth marketing (sundresses marketing or marketing of mouth-to-mouth) – is an alternative marketing strategy that motivates consumers to dialogue about products and services. WOM-marketing takes place through a variety of online and offline tactics, often using agents of influence and communities.

The varieties include word of mouth marketing, viral marketing, marketing conversations, evangelism, hidden marketing, marketing and community marketing. Andy Sernovits offers an interesting concept as for determining WOM-marketing, he writes that there is b2b and b2c, and WOM – it b2c2c. According to him sundresses marketing is nothing but C2C: consumer-to-consumer (from the consumer to the consumer), because its essence lies in the talk of ordinary people, which occurs by itself.

We’re all plunge into such talks and discuss a variety of companies and their products – when looking for a new phone, a car, an apartment, a hairdresser choose or think what to call the restaurant for dinner.

And these discussions have a big impact on us. According to Nielsen survey, which was attended by 29,000 respondents from 58 countries, 84% of them voice their most trusted opinion about products and the companies that they have heard from their loved ones and friends. This figure is confirmed by the fact that all of us have a psychological feature – we give an increased trust to the opinions of close people .

Therefore, word of mouth is a natural process, and nobody can escape it. Although it is hard work, WOM can be manageable; in this case it aims to ensure that in the course of such discussions, people refer to your brand so the business has the maximum positive impact.

How to use word of mouth for the benefit of yourself?

Today, thanks to the Internet word of mouth has become global, the brands are discussed publicly and openly, and most importantly – honestly. Consumers simply describe the experience with a product or service, which can be negative or positive, and it is hardly predictable who will give the first review – an angry or grateful client.

That is why you need to be aware of everything that is said about you online. A constant monitoring of reviews, comments on social media, testimonials on specialised platforms is an integral part of efficient WOM marketing management. Usually, the conversations that are beneficial to the brand are started by experienced marketers or agents of influence working for companies on the forums and in social networks. It can either be an in-house staff or a contracting agency, like HTP Digital, an innovative UK-based b2b digital marketing company with an amazing track record. These guys pick ordinary consumers, and the discussion begins to take a large scale, involving more and more people.

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