Have you ever considered visiting Scotland? Well, then you may already know that there are two places people prefer to see, Edinburgh and Glasgow. You may think that they are similar, and it does not matter which one you choose, because you will have the Scottish experience either way, but the fact is that they are very different. Edinburgh is famous because it is the capital, but Glasgow is the one that will totally charm you, because here you can visit many museums and you can admire breath-taking street art. Scotland offers a wide range of entertainment activities including gambling games. Nowadays it’s quite easy to amuse yourself by reaching out to web, going to source where you will find impartial reviews like they do on the ValleyGames and choose a popular online casino to kill some time. Everything happens in a place where you are comfortable, so there are plenty of reasons to prefer it. In this article you will find more about the main attraction from Glasgow, and you can decide for yourself if you want to book a flight to this destination.

The history of Glenlee

For the ones who do not know, Glenlee is the ship that was refurbished and it stands as the main piece of the Tall Ship museum in Glasgow, and it is important to know its history in order to understand the importance of the museum. This ship was made from steel in 1896, and its purpose was to facilitate the transport of various cargos for the businesspersons of the time. Since 1922 its purpose changed, the Spanish navy used it in educational purposes.

Below Decks on the Tall Ship ‘Glenlee’ – Pointhouse Quay – 28 April 2013

Nowadays it can be visited under the form of a museum on the Pointhouse Quay. Anderson Rodger built the barque with the full length of 86 meters. Initially it did not feature royal sails because Archibald Sterling & Co. Ltd saw this as an effective strategy to save money. From the day it was launched it was used as a cargo ship for 23 years. The Spanish Republican Navy took the ship in 1931 and they used it as a stationary training boat.

What should people know about the Tall Ship?

Nowadays the boat called Glenlee is owned by Clyde Maritime Trust, and it is considered the main piece of the exhibition from the Tall Ship. If there is an attraction you should put on your list when in Glasgow then this is the one, because since its opening, millions of people took pictures of it. The boat is so important because during its existence it managed to surround the globe four times. Nowadays in the world, there are only 5 boats similar to it, but in the UK it is unique. The purpose of the museum is to preserve the design of Glenglee and to offer people the possibility to understand thoroughly the maritime history of Glasgow. During the year here are organised multiple activities, the majority of them being guided tours. In addition, students can visit it, and they find it extremely important because they can explore every corner of the boat. The ship was modernised in such a way, that it features a mini cinema. Also, the ones who want to bring a souvenir to their families from home, can find a store open on deck. There is an area especially designed for children to play, so it is the perfect place to be visited by families.