Should you use proxy service or just a simple VPN is a question that might be a pondering one. Both services are designed to conceal the identity in such a manner that no one gets to the user. There are several VPN proxy services which change the user’s identity completely. These services are often free to use and therefore prioritized by the users. Especially the USA VPN proxies are very high in demand. People want to access those sites and online resources which are geo-restricted. The USA is a country with relatively free internet provided to every citizen. Identity spoof therefore ensures that user gets all the required info completely. Let’s figure out what is what with Anta Net guides on VPN service specifics that will also allow you to learn what is desired.

What is a proxy server?

When you connect to the internet your computer is the sole medium of communication. Once you are directly connected to the internet it is too easy for the authorities to track your location using your IP address. It is therefore no a secure way to directly connect. When a third system is placed between your communications with the internet which routes the traffic after encryption then it is known as a proxy. The proxy server can be located anywhere in the world. The request packets that are sent to the internet by your computer appear to be generated from proxy server IP. It is therefore again no possible for anyone to track the location of your whereabouts. VPN servers have to devote time and resources in order to encrypt the connections passing through them. This is not the case in proxy servers as it dedicates no resources at all. Millions of users can simultaneously connect to the proxy server and its efficiency remains the same.

Protocols of proxy servers

The two most common protocols that are used in relation to proxy servers are:

  • HTTP

Below is the explanation of both of them.

HTTP proxy

As the name suggests the proxy is designed to encrypt traffic at the very basic HTTP level. It is a known fact that most of the website names start with HTTP:// or HTTPS:// so such resources are not only encrypted but the identity of the visitor remain anonymous. On the other hand it is a free to use protocol and requires no additional fees as the setup is too simple to setup and there is no need of any additional resources. However it does not handle services which are other than HTTP, for instance POP3 email protocols.

SOCKS proxy

The biggest advantage of SOCKS is that it can handle large volumes. However the efficiency is slowed by such a large volume of internet traffic. It is one of the best ways to connect to the internet as it does not distinguish between the traffic natures which are to be encrypted. From HTTP to POP3 it can encrypt all kinds of internet traffic to conceal the user’s identity. Even large torrents having a size in GBs can also be concealed with SOCKS proxy server.