Bars are peaceful places in general, where people like to hang out alone or with friends and have a good time. In fact, they are civilized places where you will visit most of your life without getting into any bar fights. But during some unfortunate incidents, you may get involved in ugly scruples, fistfights, or may become the target of a broken bottle.

Such fights are ugly and may often result in serious injuries. If you think that you are blameless and the attacker was solely to blame for the attack, you can file for compensation.

Hiring a solicitor for such cases is always a good idea, as there are many points you might miss if you are building a case by yourself. You can take a look on a list of lawyers at the Solicitors Guru website where you will find solicitors in any UK region. If you interested in the feature when claimant don’t pay fees in case he do not successfully claim compensation – consider the no win no fee deal terms.

Points to note before you apply for compensation

Before you file for compensation, you need to get proof that the attacker initiated an unprovoked attack without any intention of defense. The defense can be seen as any of the following:

  • If the attacker attacked with the intention of self-defense
  • If the attacker attacked to save a third party from under attack
  • If the attacker attacked to prevent causing any damage to property
  • If attacker attacked to save himself from someone who was already in drunken state, or due to deliberate provocation or any sort of inappropriate confrontation

In other words, if the attacker attacked you without any legal cause, and you were injured or harmed in any way as a result, you can apply for compensation.

Filing for compensation

First of all, you need proof that your attacker was liable. Filing a police report is useful in such cases, as you can reference to this case while applying for your compensation. Take photographs and videos of the scene if possible, keep records of medical bills and other expenses that are a result of the attack and record the statements of an independent witness who will be willing to speak the truth without taking any sides.

You may apply for compensation for the amount of money needed to treat your injuries, the level of seriousness of these injuries, the effect the injury and the fight had on your personal and professional life.

You might also claim compensation from the bar itself, if you can provide evidence that the bar is guilty of a breach of duty like not having enough security, or serving drinks to a person who was clearly intoxicated.

Even if you weren’t the prime target, but were injured in a bar fight, you can demand pecuniary compensation if you can proof that the injury would not have been caused in such fight.

You should always seek advice from an experienced solicitor as he will tell you your chances of winning compensation. You will also know the potential fields of compensation you are entitled to get so that you do not get any less compensation than you deserve.